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Dennis L. Martire's Legacy: A Lifelong Dedication to the Working Class

August 21, 2023

Dennis L. Martire
Dennis L. Martire's illustrious career within the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LiUNA) stands as a testament to his unwavering commitment and dedication to the well-being of the union's members. His journey with LiUNA commenced in April 1990 when he assumed the role of an international representative for the LiUNA Jurisdictional Disputes Department. Subsequently, he continued to ascend within the union, transitioning to the Laborers' Construction Department, initially as an assistant Director and later as its Director.

At the core of Dennis L. Martire's career is a personal mission to improve working conditions and ensure that all laborers have access to well-paying and secure jobs. This mission has guided him since the early days of his LiUNA career in 1990. In addition to his other responsibilities, Dennis oversees LiUNA’s exceptional training program, offering continuous training to members. This program equips them with the skills necessary to perform their job-related tasks with greater competence and efficiency. Covering a wide range of subjects and specialties, this training not only facilitates career advancement for workers but also assures employers that union workers are often more efficient and cost-effective than their counterparts.

Currently holding the positions of Vice President and Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager within the esteemed labor union, Dennis L. Martire has served in these roles since January 2002. His impactful legacy extends beyond union leadership, as he collaborated with Montgomery County, Maryland officials in the past to advocate for the passage of a prevailing wage law. This law aimed to guarantee that working families could rely on receiving fair wages from their employers. Moreover, prevailing wage laws serve the crucial purpose of ensuring that taxpayers receive enhanced returns on their public investments. Abundant research consistently demonstrates that prevailing wage laws do not inflate costs for employers; instead, they enhance worker efficiency, leading to expedited and cost-effective completion of public works projects. This outcome maximizes taxpayer investments.

Dennis L. Martire's lifelong commitment to the working class and his dedication to LiUNA's mission make him an exemplar of union leadership and advocacy. His enduring legacy continues to inspire those in the labor movement and beyond.